/Files/images/zaporoje/2016/Партнеры_2.jpg For the past 4 years, Fund “Professional development of Zaporozhye” has been implementing projects that promote employment and social rehabilitation of the citizens, who have lost their jobs and need help.

During the existence, Fund “Professional development of Zaporozhye” is successfully implementing its activities with the support of "World Jewish Relief" Fund. From December 2015, the organization received additional support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Nowadays, Fund “Professional development of Zaporozhye” implements the following projects:

1) LDP project, which includes such services as:

5 day trainings about job hunting;

One day intensive trainings aimed at different topics (psychological, creative, career-oriented etc.);

Completion of complex phsycological MMPI test;

Individual support of the recruiter in employment matters.

2) Business Platform is a unique project aimed at supporting and development of entrepreneurship.

3) Concept school is a project for improving youth initiatives and creating social projects.

In addition, in March 2016, Fund «Professional development of Zaporozhye»will launch a large-scale entrepreneurship support project, which will include such steps as creating a business plan, expert advice, and also the best projects will be provided a financing.

Over the past 4 years of activity, Fund “Professional development of Zaporozhye” has helped hundreds of people, and our main goal is to move forward. We express gratitude to the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and "World Jewish Relief " fund for their support and for the opportunity to implement our activities.

Sites of our partners: "World Jewish Relief" US Agency for International Development (USAID)


Workshop “Art of self-realization”

Together with training company “ALBA”, LDP project held a workshop “Art of self-realization” on the 16th of February. The training was aimed at increasing personal effectiveness during presentations and public speaking, also it aimed at increasing confidence in complex communicative situations.

/Files/images/zaporoje/ALBA_1.jpg As a result of the training, the participants have realized their style of self-representation and public communication, analyzed their strengths and weaknesses. This has helped our participants to feel their selves more confident in different situations as business and interpersonal communication. They have gained an experience in public speaking, have learned how to make the right impression and earned affection of the audience.

Training was held by Patlakh Irina Nikolaevna, a successful entrepreneur, managing partner of training company "ALBA", leading business coach, an expert in the development of staff competencies (sales, negotiations, customers), as well as the PhD, the author of monography, courses, unique training programs and articles.

LDP project continues to hold 5 day trainings about job hunting and one day intensive trainings aimed at different topics (psychological, creative, career-oriented etc.), to register to attend and to get additional information, you can call +38 (061) 212- 60-42; +38 (067) 637-47-03 or visit us: Zaporozhye, Pobedy str. 4, office 9a.


Networking solves every problem

/Files/images/zaporoje/networking_1.jpg On 9th of February LDP project together with training center “Likbez” hold a training called “Networking or how to make a useful acquaintances”. Training was aimed at improving communication skills and meeting new people, also this training provides tools for making friendly and work relationships at a qualitatively new level.

Andrew Velichko, a projects coordinator and cofounder of training company “Likbez”, a member of Zaporozhye public organization Center of Career Development "Professionals", helped the participants to learn the ropes of Networking.

The event was attended by 18 people, among them were business people and those, who dreamed of being in their ranks. Training was directed at those, who were ready to build a life on their own rules and schemes, who wanted to diversify the life with pleasant emotions and events, and, finally, who were ready to move to a new social and cultural level.

Training program included the following topics: how to begin communication with the right people, how to acquire techniques of establishing and structuring relationships, how to maintain necessary relationships for the implementation of personal and corporate goals and many other things.

LDP project continues to hold a 5 day training about job hunting and one day intensive trainings on various topics (psychological, creative, career-oriented etc.). To register on training and to get additional information call +38 (061) 212- 60-42; +38 (067) 637-47-03, or visit our office: Zaporozhye, Pobedy street, 4, office 9a.

Ukrainian forum “Vzaimodeystviye”

/Files/images/zaporoje/Forum marina.jpg On January, 23 the LDP project took part in Ukrainian forum “Vzaimodeystviye”, together with local government, volunteer organizations, Red Cross society and Zaporozhye lifeguards.

The forum was comprised of presentations of successful cases of social projects in Ukraine, discussions in an open space format, communication with experts and government representatives.

A business trainer Marina Simonova participated actively in the events at forum, and she got inspired by the great quantity of ideas and the experience of successful social initiatives. Furthermore, she managed to share the experience of LDP project’s activity.

Forum “Vzaimodeystviye was held in the Art centre “Art-prostranstvo” in course of Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI) with the financial support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

LDP project is a unique social project

Apart from 5-day intensive trainings on job search, and single-day intensive trainings on various topics (Psychological, artistic, career guidance, etc), the project allows the participants to go through a complex MMPI testing, that allocates individual traits and psychic conditions of a personality.

MMPI is the most studied and one of the most popular psycho diagnostic methods, that is used widely for selecting and assessing personnel, as well as for consulting on emotional condition, health and professional capabilities of a tested person.

The use of the MMPI complex testing helps project manager to identify the health picture of the project’s participants, his habits, behaviour peculiarities, relation to different life phenomena and values, and the determination of his interests, the activity and mood levels. The test result shows us what kind of helpwe are able to provide him with.

If you find yourself to be at a life deadlock, if you don’t know how to fulfil your potential, this testing method can help to find your answers, and its professional interpretation conducted by one of the project managers will give a hint on which direction to move on in.

You can book an appointment, and get any other relevant information by calling on +38 (061) 212- 60-42; +38 (067) 637-47-03, or by contacting us personally at the following address: Zaporozhye, Pobedy str. 4, office 9a.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж 246.jpg

The team of LDP project wishes you a Happy New Year!

Let the upcoming year bring joy, pleasant news, and fruitful ideas. We want to wish you all the best. Be lucky, happy and enjoy the great many of bright days, have a juicy spring and a warm summer. We wish you to be warmed by the smiles and laughter of the dearest ones in winter, and the air to be full of odours of tangerines, cinnamon, and pine.

With best regards, the LDP project team from Zaporozhye.


The space of new opportunities

In Zaporozhye on December 15 the LDP project took part in the forum “The space of new opportunities”, that was initiated by both UNDP project “Fast reaction to social and economic problems of IDPs’ in Ukraine” and Zaporozhye chamber of commerce. It was held with the financial support of the government.

/Files/images/zaporoje/12366488_1111050635582482_4539446305187003880_n.jpg Forum may be named the platform for exchanging the information and for looking for the partners, for education and gaining valuable experience. The event was comprised of such elements as workshops, organizations’ exhibition, express consults and many more. This open event gave the opportunity to listen to interesting speakers and to find out what possibilities for business and career development are in access.

As a part of forum, our business trainer, Marina Simonova conducted a workshop on how to create a successful CV. The target issues were entering new markets and broadening of the net of foreign partners, the map of financial support search, new labour legislation, the elimination / suspension of functioning of enterprises located on the occupied territory or on the grounds, not supervised by Ukrainian government.

The participants of the Forum were mostly the enterprises having some vacancies and thus ready to employ IDPs’, the organisations, that offer support in employment, education centres, that offer requalification or education services, the associations that work insphere of development and maintenance of small business.

The combination of experience of international experts, regional entrepreneurs’ initiatives, civil organizations has allowed creating an effective platform for exchanging information, searching new partners, education and self-development.

How the institutes of civil society in Ukraine can support implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals?

On December 5 the LDP project with the initiative of UN representation in Ukraine, UN volunteers and GURT resource centre, joined the national consultations “How the institutes of civil society in Ukraine can support implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”.

/Files/images/zaporoje/_DSC1251.jpg There were 20 participants: the representatives of local social organizations, volunteers and socially active citizens of Zaporozhye. In course of the event participants managed to discuss the roles that civil society, volunteers and activists play in nationalisation, realisation and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals.

After the greeting from the coordinator of the UN scheme in Ukraine, Neil Walker, the participants began to work on the topic of the event in a form of a world cafe. Due to the results, achieved in course of discussion, all the teams decided unanimously that the major and the most important goal of sustainable development should be “Worthy labour and economic growth”. In the opinion of team representatives, reaching these goals will help in getting closer to such aims as “No to poverty” and “No to famine”.

The participants gave well-grounded reasons for the actuality of chosen goals and analyzed what had been already done for Global Sustainable Development implementation. As the result of the discussion three priority goals for Ukraine were selected: “Worthy job and economic growth”, “Good health”, “Peace and Justice”.

Many participants very deeply satisfied with the result, after taking part in the event one of the partakers, Natalia Kondratska, who is an active member of the St. Ian Pavel II Polish culture society in Zaporozhye, has left this review: I enjoyed the event very much. Based on my own impression of the discussion we had with the participants of the world cafe, and of the host, I will dare to suppose it was one of the mot important events in Zaporozhye. I’ll take this opportunity to thank the organizers, who did great job to make it happen!

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж_1_1.jpg

LDP project received visitors from London

/Files/images/zaporoje/IMG_4501.jpg For 2 years already the LDP project contributes to employment and social rehabilitation of the citizens of Zaporozhye, who lost their jobs and are in need of help. Moreover, it provides with jobs the people from south-eastern Ukraine, who had to leave their homes due to the difficult economic situation and look for new ways of self-realisation here, in Zaporozhye.

In course of its existence, the LDP project has been successfully realising its activity with the support of World Jewish Relief fund, and it has already won the trust and respect of citizens of Zaporozhye.

Recently, on December, 1 LDP project received the visitors from London. As a result of this meeting there was a presentation of tasks and achievements of the project, and its future prospects. In addition, a meeting with IDP’s, who graduated from our project, was organized.

The graduates of the LDP project managed to tell how their lives had changed after the participation in the project, and they could also share their career success and their achievements in studying on professional courses.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллажrtwyry.jpg

Training «Photography as an art and as a business»

/Files/images/zaporoje/IMG_98548.jpg The LDP project held a training “Photography as an art and as a business” on November, 24. Lilia Simonova, the trainer, shared the secrets of creating and organizing the working process of a freelance photographer.

Being a photographer is fascinating. It gives you the ability to express thoughts, feelings and your attitude towards the surrounding world through photography. It enables you to speak, and to be heard, surpassing the language barriers. There’s hardly an amateur not dreaming of earning the living with his hobby, but there are obvious obstacles to be met. First serious problem is that there aren’t many successful photographers around, and the ones who could share the secrets of trade are difficult to get to talking.

The speaker, Lilia Simonova is a young photographer from Zaporozhye who conducts marital, studio, child and family photo sessions, takes part in town photo projects and develops her own artistic projects. Lilia spoke about the specifics of photographer’s job, in particular she spoke of how and where to look for the clients, do-s and don’t-s of commercial photography and how to adapt to different shooting conditions.

All the participants were satisfied with the training and shared their impressions, or instance, Anna Soroka, a beginner in photography left this review: “I am still impressed greatly by this training and full of emotions. I liked everything very much. Cosy training hall, filled with light, friendly atmosphere and, what’s most important, there was a professional holding the lecture.I got all the answers I wanted to get. In my opinion, meeting Lilia was a great stimulus to work further on my favourite pastime and to develop. The most important for me is to feel better day by day and to have a desire and a goal. I thank greatly the LDP project for this day, filled with kindness and new knowledge”.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж_1_41.jpg

The joint collaboration of LDP program with College of Economics and Law

On November 2-3 business trainer of the LDP program Marina Simonova conducted master class about career counseling, preparation of successful resume and interviewing for graduates of Economics and Law College.

/Files/images/zaporoje/image 1_1.jpg Approximately 35 students have learned about the mechanisms to overcome communication barriers and about possibilities of using the latest technology in job finding, got acquainted with methods of active job search, mastered the skills of preparation of effective resume and received recommendations on preparing for job interviews with employers.

«Given that, today's employers aren't eager to choose students without work experience, many asked questions, such as, how present themselves as a young specialist? competent resume it's one of the important steps for employment, so business trainer decided to not only tell, and also give some advice to students, about what kind of mistakes should be avoided in resume and in interview. We hope, these tips will be useful for students in finding jobs».

The Delegation from the World Jewish Relief Fund in Zaporozhye

/Files/images/zaporoje/DSC_8638.jpg LDP project successfully conducts its activity in Zaporozhye since 2012, with the support of World Jewish Relief Fund.

On October, 26th the LDP project held a common meeting as a part of the visit of the Delegation from the World Jewish Relief Fund. The meeting gave delegates the opportunity to meet the IDP’s, graduates of our project. There were also present the head manager of the LDP project in Zaporozhye Julia Shapovalova and the head manger of LDP project in Ukraine, Ekaterina Roshchina.

In course of the meeting there was a presentation of future prospects of the project, and the results of the work conducted with IDP’s were presented as well. The graduates of the LDP project managed to tell how their lives had changed after the participation in the project. And they could also share their career success and their achievements in studying on professional courses.

Ekaterina Verbitskaya, one of the participants left this review of her participation in the project: "I want to express my great gratitude to LDP project that offered me a helping hand in such a difficult period for me and my family, your support gave me the strength to move forward!"

During the meeting of the delegation from the World Jewish Relief Fund and the participants of LDP project the friendly and trusting atmosphere prevailed, so the constructive dialogue has left only pleasant impression of the meeting.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж_56838.jpg

«Sales success is not about convincing people to buy a product or service they don't want. It's about engaging with people who are interested and then helping them make the right decision»

/Files/images/zaporoje/image_55445.jpg On October 23th LDP project successfully organized training "Knowledgeable of the Sale", which conducted business trainer of the project Marina Simonova.

Format of the training combines elements of competition, brainstorming, mentoring and maximum involve participants to work. Trade isn't possible without knowledge of the laws of the market, without understanding psychology of the seller and the buyer, without the ability to negotiate and without skills to carry out promotion and advertising goods. Business trainer Marina isn't just given to understand how works laws of trade, but also taught the participants how to apply the knowledge gained during the training.

The training was held under the program of assistance to internally displaced women, with supported by «Human Rights Foundation» jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

"How to create own workplace"

/Files/images/wGwPHnoHXko.jpg LDP team on 9th October, hosted a training for IDPs women "How create to own workplace". In the training was attended by around 30 internally displaced women. Training conducted by business-trainer Tatyana Romanenko, she is certified trainer on financial literacy and independent financial adviser.

At the training, Tatyana, told to our participants, how to determine the feasibility of their business ideas, get acquainted with the technology of development business strategy, had taught compiling of financial business-plan (budgeting principles and methods of determining cost, types of financial statements, financial ratios), and also drew their attention on the implementation of business projects (analysis of investment attractiveness of the project and the basic principles of project management).

All participants satisfied and willing to implement their ideas in the realities of life. According to feedback of our participants the information was filed very concrete and simple and participants liked training, because it gives a good overview of what is business plan and how to write this plan.

The training was held under the program of assistance to internally displaced women, with supported by «Human Rights Foundation» jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж_бизнесс.jpg

All-Ukrainian Career Day «Profi Day»

On October 3th at the hotel "Intourist" was held All-Ukrainian Career Day «Profi Day». LDP project with the support of «Human Rights Foundation» has taken active part in the event. Business trainer of the project Marina Simonova gave a master class about compilation of successful resume.In current of 6 hours, employers was represented to all wishing their requirements for employees and job vacancies, and experienced coaches gave workshops about writing resume, interviewing, networking and self-presentation. In total on «Profi Day. Zaporozhye» gone a 6 training sessions and has been presented more than 15 companies in all directions.

In the event was attended by over 500 people of different age, education and occupation. However, the main target audience of LDP project was youth and internally displaced women.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж_profi.jpg

«You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway»

On September 29th LDP project held a training-seminar "Fighting with Stress", which was held in conjunction with the Club of psychological adaptation «NO PROBLEM».

Training-seminar was held Elena Bogackaya – practicing psychologist, psychotherapist Unified Register of occupational therapists in Europe (EAP), winner of the World Certificate for Psychotherapy (WCP), specialist of the highest category.

This training-seminar was directed to improving the psychological adaptation (immunity) persons, who survived of difficult situations in their life, who faced with stress, and for those wishing to learn, how to use maximum possibility of personal resource.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж_no stress.jpg

Festival of Social Initiatives «UCRAZYANS»

/Files/images/zaporoje/ca891cc53c5e2983df0b0a5f267375b895df1eee19a019554c6140b31e358f718.jpg On September 27th in Zaporozhye, staff of LDP project took part in the festival «UCRAZYANS», where everyone could join to the projects of social initiatives and companies from Zaporozhye. Change society for the better - it's task of every conscious citizen. «UCRAZYANS» has united those who have taken the initiative and implemented the socially useful projects.

All participants of festival - it's representatives of non-profit and non-governmental organizations whose activity concerns different spheres of the city, social, political and cultural life. The event took place in the format of city holiday - except the social initiatives, on the festival was music scene, food court with street food, interactive activities for children and a lot of interesting things.

On the Festival of Social Initiatives «UCRAZYANS» was also presented a lecture hall, where the leader of LDP project Yulia Shapovalova told about specifics of our project and announced next event, such as training-seminar «Stress Management» (29.09), training «How create your workplace» (09.10) and 5-day training «Search of job - successfully and quickly!» (12.10-16.10).

Staff of LDP project expresses gratitude to organizers of the festival «UCRAZYANS» for the perfect opportunity to share our knowledge and for the opportunity join to knowledge in other directions.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж_UCRAZYANS.jpg

«There is great variety of keys to the doors of magic of femininity. Arts, handmade - can help open your door!»

On September 24th LDP project conducted «Art master-class» in partnership with the «Human Rights Foundation» with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The program of «Art master-class» was directed at transformation of their creative hobby to successful business and consisted of 2 parts, the first part, we introduced participants with «Intuitive drawing» - it's new, evolving art form, which combines creativity, meditation and fun. In the second part, participants have tried one of the most amazing women practice - oriental art «Mendi».

All participants received inspiration from leading master-class Ekaterina Chernova, because creativity it's that gives a person the opportunity to express themselves, so - understanding their desires and aspirations for the psyche of comfortable way.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж_михенди.jpg

If you don’t walk today, you’ll have to run tomorrow

/Files/images/image1.jpg On September 2th, 9th and 16th LDP team conducted the 1-day trainings on such themes: "Vocational guidance for adults", "Successful Resume" and "Effective interview". On our trainings were able to raise the employment topic, as part of ukrainian legislation and as part of real conditions of labor market of the our city, and also discussed issues of temporal employment and discussed possibility of additional earnings. Live communication on actual for participants themes, created an excellent and positive atmosphere.

Faced with challenges, we can't give up or run away. We must assess situation, search for solutions and believe, that everything is done for better. Patience - that's key to victory.

In September, on our trainings was attended by 46 persons, it's ones who are looking for a job and who would like to obtain specific skills for a short time. But with these people, we continue to work and also in future LDP team plans to organize trainings, which will be directed to increase of professional efficiency.

Get consultation about employment you can refer to address: Zaporozhye, 4 Pobeda str., office 9A or by the phone: +380676374703. We are waiting for you!


«Our opportunities. Your prospects»

On September 12th, near of the cascade of fountains «Rainbow» in Zaporozhye, LDP staff, was held a street action which was held in partnership with the «Human Rights Foundation» with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

Within action «Our opportunities. Your prospects» LDP staff was able to attract new participants to project. Inhabitants of Zaporozhye, who was interested in our activities, was provided information about upcoming activities of the project, namely «Art Therapy», «Entrepreneurial training», «Effective sales» as well as 1-day training «Effective interview».

Also, LDP team held master-class «Art-therapy for family» for moms with children, in which course children participated in graphic activities, choosing a suitable material and facilities for their art, and project staff had opportunity to discuss elements of job search with moms of children.

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж55.jpg

«Be the change that you wish to see in the world»

/Files/images/9blRDbv_rq4.jpgOn September 5-6 in Odessa was held the third international conference Social Camp Ukraine 2015.

Social Camp Ukraine – it's forum, which unites publicmen, representatives of noncommercial organizations, volunteers and all, who interested with discussion about public projects, innovative decisions and social initiatives about perfection urban environment.

As part of Social Camp Ukraine 2015 LDP team took part in two thematic streams, namely Impact Stories – specific success stories of social entrepreneurs and Skills Lab – the knowledge, skills and abilities that are useful for social entrepreneurs, innovators and those, who wants to become like them.

Also LDP staff visited the fair, entitled Social Market. On this fair, within two days of the conference, was presented products of social entrepreneurs, including products of internally displaced persons, charitable organizations and projects from Odessa.

Two days of lectures, communication, learning, fun and unique atmosphere. About 30 reports, 6 round tables and more than 250 participants discussed the best examples of social projects in Ukraine and worldwide.

LDP team, expresses to organizers of Social Camp Ukraine 2015 sincere thanks and deep appreciation for the high level of organization and relevant topics.


«Business Incubator for leaders of public organizations»

/Files/images/zaporoje/11904079_900778556667835_4289657672331173733_n.jpg LDP staff on August 14-17 in Chernihiv participated in event organized with the support of «Human Rights Foundation» jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. The event was created for those public organizations that implement employment programs for vulnerable groups, in this event was attended 24 persons, among whom were leaders and participants of public initiatives from the Kirovograd, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Donetsk and Chernihiv regions.

Topic of events encompassed discussion of current trends on labor market and business development, socio-economical and psychological condition of internally displaced women, practical aspects in the direction of self-employment and effective personal development. One of the key moments were performances on themes «What is the business and entrepreneurship», «Motivation of the entrepreneur. Idea for business» and «Personal goals and objectives of the person in the crisis» and «Coaching techniques, which can help to understand the vital objectives of each participant».

As a result of this event LDP team intends implement employment program to internally displaced women and plans to conduct activities such as «Art therapy», «Courses of entrepreneurship» and course «Effective Sales».

/Files/images/zaporoje/новый коллаж48.jpg

«Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today»


On June, 23-24 in Kharkov LDP staff participated in a unique event, which was held for the first time. It was the first un-conference for school teachers “EdCampUkraine”.

The “Professional Development of Zaporozhye” Foundation was a partner of the un-conference.

EdCamp was created in Philadelphia (USA) in summer 2010. Since then, more than 550 events took place in 15 countries, bringing together more than 25,000 teachers.

LDP staff participated in the discussion of the issues that raise most concerns, such as experience exchange, cooperation and common problems solution, based on the «Give - Get» principle.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

LDP team expresses its deep gratitude to the organizers of EdCampUkraine’15 for the excellent organization and for putting relevant topics in focus.

On May, 22 2015 the 36th group successfully finished «Welcome to Work!» course.


LDP team wishes to our participants confidence and well-being!

"Matzah Bakery" - cooking matzah together

On March, 29th on the eve of Passover LDP staff and graduates took part in traditional “Matzah Bakery”.

Открытка Песах 2015

After the acquaintance with Passover historical roots, holiday origins and kashrut rules the participants had an opportunity to learn matzah manufacturing traditions and to bake it on their own.

Funny dances, games, songs as well as fair spring weather became pleasant surprises for all the guests.

"Matzah Bakery" was attended by more than 40 LDP graduates. Warm and casual atmosphere contributed to the spirit of relax and freedom; elder generation transmitted holiday traditions to youngsters with pleasure.

Happy and kosher Passover to everybody!

Коллаж мацепекарня 2015

WJR visited Zaporozhye

Визит англичан Запорожье март

On November, 16th the representatives of the World Jewish Relief organization, a strategic and financial partner of LDP, visited Zaporozhye.

They were able to communicate with 10-day course graduates, who shared changes that have occurred in their lives after the training, and their success in finding employment.

Also WJR representatives separated in two groups and together with LDP staff made several home visits not only to former participants, but also to IDPs from Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

LDP team gave IDPs small food packages, and foreign guests presented toys and stationery to the children.

Семья на визит англичан март

Meeting devoted to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Митинг, посвященный Дню памяти жертв ХолокостаOn January, 27th the whole world commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. It was established by theUnited Nations General Assembly resolution. Meeting took place near a mass grave in Komunarsk district. 36 thousand citizens of Zaporozhye who were killed by Nazi invaders during the occupation were buried in this mass grave.

Meeting was attended by the Head of Zaporozhye local administration, director of culture, tourism, nationalities and religions department of the city council, representatives of veterans' organizations, LDP team and graduates, Zaporozhye Jewish community "Yahad", JCC "Mazal Tov", The Jewish community of Zaporozhye region, Charitable Foundation "Hesed Michael".

20 LDP graduates participated the meeting and laid flowers together with LDP staff.


 Миссия-визия-стратегияOn January 18th, Zaporozhye LDP staff and graduates participated in workshop presented by leading businessman Vitaliy Ivahov – founder of salons chain “100% interior”, general representative and distributor of TM “Illy” in Ukraine, the owner group of companies “Spanish house”, author and presenter of “interior course”, business coach, business schools speaker.

The following topics were discussed:

· mission of organization, mission content, mission statement criteria;

· organization vision as a link between business and corporate culture. Definition of vision;

· identify the values and benefits that an organization creates for customers and users of their products or services;

· identify strategies, making them possible to create and develop competitive advantage.

This workshop is a synthesis of development experience and strategies implementation in different organizations in projects of strategic planning.

Current knowledge could get not only LDP staff, but about 15 graduates of the project.

Charity action “IDP’s relief”

/Files/images/zaporoje/Волонтерская акция 1.JPGIn December 2014 LDP team conducted an activity aimed on clothes and things collection for IDPs, who live in Zaporozhye.

We express our gratitude to all people, who helped us to collect more than 40 bags with clothing, shoes, baby clothes, toys, stationery and tableware.

At the beginning of the year LDP team handed out most of things to fifteen families, who live in temporary settlements. Other things were passed to volunteer office.

/Files/images/zaporoje/волонтерская акция.jpg

Open Debates conducted to IDP’s human rights

/Files/photogallery/2477/новость 27 ноября_открытые дебаты.jpgOn November 27th LDP team took part in open debates with EU representatives and NGOs in Zaporozhye. The main question of the debates was necessary help providing and observing rights of IDPs.

The meeting results were:

1. exchange of experience in urgent help providing for IDPs, who are looking for a job;

2. identifying and classifying the most topical issues for unemployed persons;

3. particular attention to provision of assistance needed by IDPs of vulnerable categories, such as: aged people; disabled people; children, orphans and children deprived of parental care; pregnant women and single mothers; orphanages of family type; large and poor families.

LDP team shared working experience with unemployed IDPs and got better understanding of their essential needs.

WORKSHOP "Brand Creation"

/Files/photogallery/2477/новость_воркшоп по бренду.jpg In November workshop “Brand Creation” was organized in cooperation with LDP regular partners.

LDP graduates, who started their own business, designers and all, who are interested in “Brand cooperation from scratch”, took part in this event.

Participants were able to learn the basic design phase of brand strategy, got simple work experience over their brands and also received useful practical recommendations.

Work with IDP's in Zaporozhye

/Files/photogallery/2477/новость_работа с переселенцами с МЧС.jpgIn October LDP team in cooperation with Ministry of Emergency Situations of psychological services in Zaporozhye region, visited 6 places, where IDP’s live.

They provided job search consultations for more than 50 people, psychological support and talked about employment in Zaporozhye.

At the end of the month LDP team identified the most popular requests for employment vacancies for IDP’s, urgent need for humanitarian assistance discovered, such as personal care products, children's clothing and shoes, medicines.

“Welcome to Work!” Workshop

/Files/images/zaporoje/мастер-класс о поиске работы.jpg On September 26th Zaporozhye LDP team conducted workshop on job search.

The workshop was designed for those willing to work on their job search skills at fast pace (2 hours). Active communication on relevant topics provided for dynamic and friendly atmosphere.

Trainings on job search are of great demand nowadays. All those who participated in the workshop received applicable knowledge which will help them in employment.

Zaporozhye LDP team at Social Camp Ukraine 2014

/Files/images/zaporoje/Social Camp Ukraine.jpg On September 6-7th Zaporozhye LDP team participated in international conference Social Camp Ukraine.

The organizers managed to create warm atmosphere and a real platform for communication between speakers, participants, the 3rd sector representatives, and socially responsible business.

/Files/images/zaporoje/10.тайм-менеджмент.jpg Time-management workshop by Zaporozhye LDP team

On August 30th Zaporozhye LDP team organized workshop on time management. The following topics were discussed:

· Introduction to time-managent

· Business processes in company; introduction to management

· Time management and personal effectiveness

· Difference between organizations and non-organizations

Vitaliy Ivahov, the speaker, spoke about the value of time, about time planning and about attitude to time. The speaker provided examples from his personal experience and professional practice.

/Files/images/zaporoje/9.мастер-классе Эмоции и логика в продажах.jpg “Emotion and Sales Logic” Workshop

On August 14th Zaporozhye LDP team participated in workshop on emotions and sales logic conducted by Alba Company.

The aim of the workshop was to examine specific techniques of rational and emotional impact on customer to improve sales. And this goal was achieved in process of communication with leading business coach of Alba training company. Participants together with coach discussed the AIDA model, which allows to use two powerful sales tool: power of persuasion and emotional impact. Together participants managed to work out some tools of emotional impact (listening, adaptive communication, showcasing, priming).

/Files/images/zaporoje/8.«Говори правильно».jpg Art of Speaking

Since March 2014 business coach Ilona Nanikina conducts regular meetings on speaking and negotiating. The seminars provide information on how to counteract manipulation, build conversation, avoid negotiation traps, and overcome fear of interview.

The workshop will also help to understand how to make favourable impression and how to communicate with people in state of stress, how to lead people out of stress.

We invite you to participate!

/Files/images/zaporoje/7. Заседаниях HR клуба..jpg Zaporozhye LDP team at HR Club

Zaporozhye LDP team take part HR Club meetings on monthly basis to exchange practical experience with leading HR managers of the city. Recently our team participated in workshops aimed at increasing effectiveness of professional, innovative and creative solutions in business.

/Files/images/zaporoje/6. Pаседаниt Запорожского клуба предпринимателей.jpg Zaporozhye LDP team at Club of Entrepreneurs

In February 2014 Zaporozhye LDP team participated in the meeting of Zaporozhye Club of Entrepreneurs. After business speed dating participants worked on unloading techniques for managers by ALBA training company.

The meeting resulted in new partnerships and fruitful communication with a cup of coffee :)

/Files/images/0000014789-student-rabota.jpg On December,15 LDP manager in Zaporozhye Julia Shapovalova conducted seminar on effective usage of basic web services for effective employment.

The seminar was conducted in form of webinar. The participants were 15 active women over 35. Julia also presented LDP and highlighted the benefits which 10-day course participants will receive.

Feel free to contact LDP office in Zaporozhye for any detail: 212- 60-42, (067) 637-47-03

/Files/images/6U5DIyImqqw.jpgDecember, 13 2013 was a special day for the 19th group. 18 participants successfully finished "Welcome to Work" training course.

We wish the participants to find favourite job and change their lives for the better!

Act of Kindness (Zaporozhye)/Files/images/777.jpg

This message is addressed to all the people who care about the community. Our partner organization Jewish Community Center Mazal Tov lacks computers to provide educational courses to all those interested, including computer courses for veterans, aged people and those with special needs.

If you have spare computers or functioning computer details we ask you to share with the community and give educational opportunity to people who need it.

Mazal Tov will be greatful for your contribution. You can address to our office:

4 Pobedy str., Office 9a
Phone: 212- 60-42
Mobile: (067) 637-47-03

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