/Files/images/ffd.jpg Tatyana Rybinok (Krivoy Rog)

“Thanks to this project I learned how to set goals and achieve them. I became confident that everybody needs time for dreaming. My dream is to open a private beauty studio. I finished nail art course. Additionally I learned technique of eyelashes extension (as self-education). When sharing my experience in finding job and finding myself after difficult life period I feel wanted and happy. I think this project is a chance that is given only once in a lifetime. I started living full and interesting life.”

Tatyana is a very charismatic person, which attrackts people in her life.

Today she has a job that she likes, which brings income to her family. She plans her schedule herself. Now she also has time for her family.

/Files/images/Krivoy_Rog_group_10/Резник.jpg Elena Reznik (Krivoy Rog)

"I’m active and hardworking person by nature. I go in for sports, go to mountains with my husband. I still look for self-realization, for communication, being helpful not only to my family but also to community. I want to bring income to my family. But no matter where I address, they would tell me: there is age limit for applicants.

The feeling was as if my life came to an end. And later on I learned about LDP. For me it was my last chance. I was surprised to hear that my age is not an obstacle, but still felt suspicious when coming for interview. But when LDP staff told me that I was excepted, it became easier to breath.

The training was interesting. New knowledge was provided in such a way, that it instantly became part of my life skills. Now I can see my road again."

Elena finished 10-day course and professional training in recruitment, received certificate and found position in HR department at local milk plant. Elena became participant of local HR club and active project volunteer.

/Files/images/YBp8KRDJUwE.jpg Ekateryna Direnko (Kharkov)

"When you're on the edge of desperation to find a decent job and faith leaves you, a miracle happens :) Miracles do happen, and most of them are committed by people like you and me!

I want to express my deep gratitude to the organizers and coaches of LDP for free assistance in employment and their good job!

After training my life has changed much in terms of self-perception, personal goals. The training brought me more trust to people and to myself. During 10 days in interactive form participants were provided with very useful and interesting information, such as time management, personal budget maintenance, etc. - topics of great importance, discussed from unusual angle.

I have to confess that previously for over 8 months I used to send my CV to employers and never received positive reply. It turned out, that your CV style also influences the process, and that is one of the things that I learned at 10-day course. After I corrected inconsistencies and mistakes, I started receiving offers from my dream companies.

It’s only your CV, but it’s first confident step towards changing your life. I recommend the project to my friends, who are unemployed.

Don’t lose a chance to change your life in 10 days.

Ekateryna finished the “Welcome to Work!” course, passed vocational training in HTML and got employed to IT company.

/Files/images/2013_harkov_gruppa_1/UYr5a_vo5n4.jpg Kristina Fogel (Kharkov)

I express my gratitude to the people who initiated LDP and to those who run the project. The project provides an excellent tool for self-realizing. When I lacked personal resource to understand and organize my life goals, LDP came for help.

Special thanks to our coach. Thanks to her, now I know how to set goals and achieve them! I passed vocational training in tourism. Project staff, coach, courses - all gave me a push towards a new professional route. Now life plays bright colors.

I would recommend this project to those who stand at the crossroads!

After retraining Christina opened her own travel company and is occupied with its development.

Svetlana Makarenko (Kharkov)

“When I learned about LDP, I decided to take this chance. As a saying goes, even one good advice can change your life, no telling about ten days of full-time training. As the course was provided for free, I felt suspicious.

On my first day at course I was pleasantly surprised, that training will be real and not just on paper.

In our group we had some interesting people, but our coach exceeded my expectations. It was one of the best courses that I ever attended. The workshops were well-arranged, and the knowledge was applicable: methods of job search, types of interviews, CV types, self-presentation, time management, goal setting etc.

And I really liked teambuilding session. Now I have deep understanding, that work results depend much on a team.

Many of us have changed a lot over these 2 weeks. And most of us were granted vocational course in a chosen direction. In a month time after the course I found my dream job.

I want to express my gratitude to LDP and Nova Persona training company for their contribution to my professional future.”

After the 10-day course Svetlana passed vocational course in recruiting and successfully found employment as HR-manager.

/Files/images/Krivoy_Rog_group_10/новицY.jpg Angela Jukova and Alla Novitskaya (Krivoy Rog)

Alla and Angela, graduates of group 23 – compose a creative tandem of two bright and active people. Today, this creative union entered the service market. The main focus of the girls is children's parties (birthdays and other celebrations).

"During the training, revealing our skills and talents, we step by step realized that we picked the right direction. New knowledge helped to realize our dreams and better understand ourselves.

Children's party is one of the brightest moments in life of a child. Celebrations brings a sense of light into child’s soul, develops desire and ability to communicate informally, to create artistic images".

Vadim Martynov (Krivoy Rog)

"I used to work as a teacher of physical education at Metallurgical College in Krivoy Rog. I’ve always been interested in martial arts.

Every day of the training helped to understand that all I want is to set clear objectives and make progress in physical education of youth. Today, thanks to the knowledge obtained at the “Welcome to Work!” course, I was able to achieve good results. And I will not stop at the achieved.

Vadim organized his own sports club with international perspective. In October 2013 on behalf of his business he applied for the European Championship, which was held in Katowice (Poland). The championship was attended by about 350 representatives from 15 European countries (Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, England, Serbia, Israel, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, and others). Four Vadim’s wards of won prizes.

/Files/images/Zap_Daria Coursа_9 group_manager of the company Getmanchuk groups 2.JPG Daria Kursa (Zaporozhye)

"Before the project I was in state of depression and confusion due to lack of work, divorce proceedings and uncertainty that awaited me and my child. I am grateful to the coaches of the «Welcome to Work» course because they did not try to make participants better or worse, but sincerely showed us reality in all its glory, though not always colourful and pleasant, but honest. That is what helped me to open my eyes and find their place in life. Thanks to the help of the coaching staff and the project, I was able to resolve my psychological problems, become more emotionally stable and look at many things from a different angle, which helped me not only in job search, but also in establishment of family life. I express special thanks for the "magic push" - it really works!"

Daria finished the ten day training and vocational training. It helped her to successfully find employment for the position of sales manager. Now she feels more independent and confident in her abilities.

/Files/images/Zap_Anastasia Voloshyna_5group_store administrator Spikes.jpg/Files/images/Zap_Roman Vysochin_4group_own business(imitation jewelery shop).jpg Roman Vysochin (Zaporozhye)

"Before the project I worked as a bartender, but low income and night shifts had negative effect not only on my self-esteem, but on family life too. The project is really great! After the ten-day training I I felt a new person! I became the master of life. I learned to appreciate my time and learned better ways to allocate my money. And I was able to find my calling. I have a lot of time in my life spent on the things that are not really important to me. During the training, I realized that I did not want to work for someone else, and I can be successful and independent on my own. "

Upon finishing sales course Roman decided to open his own business and created his own online store. At the moment he and a graduate of group 5 of our project Anastasia Voloshyna already manage two real, not virtual, stores. Roman is confident in his abilities and determined to achieve results.

/Files/images/Филь.JPG Olga Fil’ (Zaporozhye)

"Right after graduating from university I got married and had a child, thus I have no working experience in my field. Now I already have four children, but it did not prevent me from mastering basics of hairdressing and providing hairdressing services at home. Because of lack of skills and experience in this area my clients were mostly relatives and friends, so I never considered it as means of earning money, but rather as a hobby. The 10-day course was exactly what I needed to adapt to labour market. It helped me to be realistic in my expectations, and express my thoughts clearly. It gave me a lot of energy, self-confidence, a sense of reality. "

After the 10-day training Olga was directed to hairdressing course, where she successfully mastered all the details of the chosen profession. Now she rents a room and provides not only hairdressing service, but also manicure and pedicure.

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