Krivoy Rog HR club Grand Opening

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On September 5th, 2014 Krivoy Rog LDP team joined the grand opening of new season of The First Krivoy Rog HR-club! The meeting was attended by about 100 guests, including representatives of "Arcelor Mittal Krivoy Rog", chain stores «ProStor», LLC "White Wind", "Park Plus" Company, "Nova Poshta", "Arsenal Center", «Parfum Prestige», LLC «Vikonda", "Maer" corporation, "Med-Service", LLC "BelPak", “Pivdenniy" Bank, Krivoy Rog LDP team and participants.

Master-class "conflict Management"

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Master-class "conflict Management", open great speaker Tatiana Balan, has affected all spheres of our modern life. The master class was easy, informative and, according to tradition, in a friendly atmosphere. Many of our graduates continue to grow personally and professionally, participate in various workshops and trainings, establish business contacts.




Information for IDPs

To obtain the necessary information, please adress:

- Hotline of the Ministry of social policy 0800507309

- state migration service 0800301200

- Commissioner for human rights 0800501720

- Information portal for immigrants:,

-"Hot line": 0 800 507 309 (Governmental HL), 0 800 505 600 GL of Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration), 0 800 212212

- The interagency headquarters Krivoy Rog (0564)260663, (0564)260823

Meeting of Parents Club in Hesed

Krivoy Rog LDP team was invited to Parents Club.

The meeting raised the topic of employment for women with young children, issues of temporary employment, opportunities for additional income for women who are on maternity leave.

On July, 18 2014 the 28th group successfully finished "Welcom to Work!" course.

Be successful and happy!

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In Dnipropetrovsk region an independent assessment of the quality of provision of administrative and social services will be conducted.
Become a volunteer: (0562) 742-70-33

On June, 13 2014 the 27th group successfully finished "Welcom to Work!" course.


LDP team wish you confidence and well-being!

On May, 15 2014 the 26th group successfully finished "Welcom to Work"" course.


On May, 15 2014 the 24th group successfully finished "Welcom to Work" course.


We wish you stability and financial success!

On April, 14 2014 the 23th group successfully finished "Welcom to Work"" course.


We wish you quick and successful start!

On March, 13 2014 the 22th group successfully finished "Welcom to Work" course.


Believe in luck and dreams!

On February, 14 2014 the 21th group successfully finished "Welcome to Work" course.

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Good luck and financial stability!

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On January, 24 2014 the 20th group successfully finished "Welcome to Work" course. We wish each graduate to make success and find positions of their dream.

LDP News

In January, 2014 the first LDP newsletter was published.

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There you will find hot project news and stories of participants' success.

We're greatful to our graduates and volunteers for creating the newsletter.If you are LDP participant or graduate, your newsletter copy is waiting for you in LDP office.

Starting from December, 2013 LDP office in Krivoy Rog provides psychological consultancy with psychologist Marina Dobrovolskaya
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The psychologist will help you to analyze failures in jobsearch, as in most cases cadidate's attitude is the most important factor when applying for job. Together you will choose your strategy of jobsearch. Failures are nothing more than our negative mindset, projected on the outside world.

Individual approach and confidentiality is guaranteed!

Social Networking for Job Seekers

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Social network became a tool for searching candidates / employers, which is getting popular for its effectiveness, simple usage and low cost. More and more companies use social networks as search tool - usual (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and professional (Viadeo, LinkedIn and others).

Analytics of came to conclusion, that candidates, found through social networks are more likely to keep the job and stay in company for long. Besides, it's not only job seekers who can benefit from social networks. Companies find their benefits a well. For companies social network is a tool to optimize the process of finding employees of the necessary level.Thus, 94 % of companies-employers already benefit from social networks or are ready to develop this searchtool in future. e help of other tools), have higher chances to get job.

On December,20 2013 the 19th group successfully finished "Welcome to Work" course. We wish each graduate to make success and find positions of their dream.


LDP staff at HR Club

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On December, 14 2013 LDP staff visited HR Club in Krivoy Rog.

The main question on discussion was "Brand of Employer Is More than Advertisement, Marketing or Reputation". 4 former LDP participants, who finished vcational education in the field of recruiting became members of HR Club. The main purpose of the Club i to keep in touch with colleagues and share professional experience.

Join charity action "From children to children"!

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This charity action aims at collecting stationary, personal hygiene items and toys for children from poor families f Krivoy Rog. These families need everything, from tooth brushes to toys. The more people participate, the more hope we can bring to hearts of poor people.

LDP staff in Krivoy Rog visited exhibition of Andrey Gorb and Tymophey Sayenko


On Sunday, October the 13th, within the photo & scenario competition, initiated by Jewish Community of Krivoy Rog, the 1st of the themed events was conducted. During the exhibition LDP staff representatives, Or-Avner Charity Fund and Jewish Communities representatives discussed their achievements and plans of cooperation for future.

The main objective of the competition was to educate community on Jewish history and history of other national minorities of Krivoy Rog, to arose interest to events of past years and the present of the city by means of creative endeavor, realized within the project, provide for strengthening of tolerance between people from different social circles and different nationalities.

Such events are oriented on creative and active youth of Krivoy Rog, which is ready to express themselves, use their knowledge and skills, ready to implement their dreams. Many graduates of LDP project met at this event and shared their emotions and experiences.

The event was opened by chief Rabbi of Krivoy Rog Liron Edery and founder of the charity fund Community initiative of Krivbas population.The works represented people from different cultures, their emotions. The works were created in wide range of countries - in Israel, Georgia, India, Cambodia, the Netherlands, France and Ukraine.

The rest of the evening was conducted in form of LIVE-conference with the jury as speakers. In this informal atmosphere participants discussed questions of young photographers and writers: where to start, what should be the focus, as well as more serious questions, like technical details of photography.

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