If you are looking for a job, we invite you to participate in a unique social project “Livelihood Development Programme”!

The project aims at removing the existing obstacles in finding a job and improving the life standards of Jewish families, however, the project targets not only the Jewish community.

The project includes the following stages:

1. 10-day “Welcome to Work” training course
The course will help you to learn more about the labour market, reasonably assess your skills and find your path to success. The course lasts for 2 weeks. The days off are Saturday and Sunday.

The program of the course consists of the following blocks:

  • Getting acquainted and taking psychological tests
  • Communicative skills as the basic precondition for successful employment
  • Introduction to labour market
  • Drawing up a CV and a covering letter
  • Welcome to interview!
  • Establishing yourself as a brand in the labor market
  • Introduction to labour law
  • Coping with anxiety and fears
  • Time-management
  • Working in a team

The training will provide you with the necessary knowledge for successful employment: you will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, learn to write a good CV and to pass an interview under stressful conditions! Experienced coaches will help you to estimate your merits and drawbacks, to choose the job you will be happy to do and at the same time the one that can assist in improving the quality of your life.

2. Vocational training

Having chosen your career path you will have a FREE-OF-CHARGE opportunity to:

  • master a new profession in a training center of Kharkov
  • upgrade the skills you already have in your sphere
  • take a retraining course

After the vocational training we keep working with the participants, providing them with the information on the available jobs.

3. On-the-job training at the enterprises.

If you have recently graduated and, thus, have no work experience in the chosen area which presents an obstacle to finding employment, we will ensure that you have an opportunity to reinforce your skills and professional qualities acquired during your education within the framework of our training and further placement at the large and successful enterprises of our city. Experienced professionals will be glad to share their knowledge and practical skills with you.

LDP staff in your city will provide you with consultations; give the information on the available positions.

New groups are starting their work soon

The course duration is 2 weeks.

The project participation is free for the participants at all stages!

If you wish to participate in the project, feel free to contact LDP office in your city:

8 (057) 766-13-89; cell phone number +38 (067) 569-4442 employment manager

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