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Dear employers!

Wohl Livelihood Development Programme in Kharkov is willing to expand cooperation on recruitment.

Cooperating with us you:

1. Save your time that otherwise you would have to spend reading piles of CVs, as the CVs of our participants correspond to the requirements of the job.

2. Meet a motivated applicant who has passed the “Welcome to Work” course, including "Time Management" and "Teamwork" training blocks.

3. Receive an opportunity of independent confidential recruitment

4. The project participants are a unique resource that will benefit your company.

During the training, professional psychologists, recruiters, coaches work with the participants training them and evaluating not only the skills of CV writing but also paying great attention to motivation of the participant, personal potential and individual profile – abilities of handling stress and conflicts, development of communication skills, personal effectiveness, resistance to professional burnout.

The project is of social nature, all services are free.

Phone: +38(067)5694442, 766-13-89 Recruitment Manager

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