день вышиванки LDP team celebrates the Vysyvanka Day

Today in Ukraine we celebrate the Vyshyvanka day - a holiday, which is intended to keep the folk tradition of wearing embroidered ethnic clothing.

Kharkov LDP team choose to support national celebration and to wear beautiful embroidered clothing.

Tradition is a part of our past, which we help to move into the future.

And we - the women's team - just want to add beauty to your news feed!

Limmud 2015: discover new opportunities

Лимуд 2015More than 30 years Limmud around the world are attracted participants of all ages, professions and social groups. Spirituality and philosophy, ethical issues, social and political trends in our country and in the world - it is not a complete list of the fields discussed at Limmud.

Speakers from Israel, the UK, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and other countries - is a well-known writers, actors, artists, journalists, scientists, and those who have something to tell us about their life priorities and interests, share their enthusiasm.

Musical evenings and crafts workshops for adults and children perfectly complement the atmosphere of intelligent search, making it more creative.

On November 5th-8th LDP team is not just taken part in this international conference, which took place in Lviv, but also presented new project Be Profi - career guidance for teens.

Coach and placement officer Marina Ladyzhenskaya conducted training "The Secret of 3 Profi: career guidance, vocational training and professional development". The audience gathered participants from adolescence to retirement age, because the theme of professional definition is very important - from the work satisfaction depends quality of life and self-realization.

лимудParticipants actively explore the labour market, built on the prospects for future demand predicted scope of 30-50 years. Coach was able to present the information in a non-standard form, with humor to talk about serious things, creating a special atmosphere in the audience.

Ray Bradbury, science fiction writer of the twentieth century, said: "The future - is the art of the possible, never impossible". That's what inspired the participants of the training to orient themselves and their children for professions that are in demand, not only now but also in the future.

Design of the conference was performed by LDP graduate Alexandra Egorova, who did workshops for children and adults.

Informative activities of the Limmud, useful contacts configured us to active work.

Professional coaches are the best change agents!

обучение Мар и АлIn order to teach others, we must constantly evolve and improve ourselves.

Placement officer Marina Ladyzhenskaya and vocational training coordinator Alyona Yakimova became students of Integral Coach School and School for trainer "Living matter" of consulting group named after Alla Zadneprovskaya in Kyiv.

Education consists of 3 blocks with further certification. Practical classes are held in the intensive form and include modern technologies.

Given that the modern labour market and society requires people highly motivated, stress resistance, ability to work on the result, our colleagues have mastered the latest methods of working with different age and social groups. The success of the participants in our projects is an indicator of the overall organization, and we are interested in strengthening their competitive qualities of the labour market.

The knowledge Alyona and Marina immediately applied in the training for displaced people, unemployed people, motivating them to work, and in preparation for the realities of the labour market.

Studying is a fascinating job that does not allow us to stand still.

обучение марина и алена

Reliable way to find a job

ярмарка 1On October 22nd Job Fair for IDPs was held. “Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation in cooperation with charitable fund “Karitas”, charitable organization “Station Kharkiv”, state employment service and regional administration had organized this event.

More than 40 employers, 1500 IDPs became the participants of the job fair. This shows that employment of IDPs does not lose relevance, and still remains one of the main demands.

In addition to many open positions presented at the fair, master classes, workshops and seminars aimed at adaptation of the labour market were also held. LDP placement officer, Maryna Ladyzhenskaya, provided not only information about LDP services, but also work shop, conducted to local labour market analysis.

Job Fair is a great opportunity to meet with employers, representatives of international organizations and all the people, who are ready to help those in need of support.

ярмарка 2For half a year “Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation has been working with the people, who were forced to leave their homes due to war actions in the region, providing not only psychological support but also employment assistance. Over 800 internality displaced people graduated the programme LDP in Kharkiv and 43% of them were employed.

Because of our results and reputation among IDPs and Kharkiv citizens, employers and job seekers believe our organization, as evidenced by the interest shown to us at the job fair.

ярмарка вакансий

Willing generates result

Патронаж“Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation is NGO that aims on unemployment prevention and overcoming of existing barriers in employment among different aged and social groups of citizens.

LDP staff has chosen vacancies that match to soft and hard skills of participants and meet the requirements of the job providers for 3 years. As a result, 64% of graduates including internally displaced people have been employed.

Thank to staff experience and high-level professionalism employers provide vacancies directly to LDP.

In August, 2015 Kharkiv Charity Foundation “Hesed Shaare Tikva” addressed to LDP with special demand to recruit 60 workers for homecare service. Creation of these working places was initiated by World Jewish Relief and supported by United Nations Development Programme.

60 displaced women graduated LDP programme for IDPs found not only employment and stable income but opportunity to share spiritual warmth with other people in need. Hesed curators say that all candidates match moral and professional skills of social workers and do their duties accurately.

“I am really grateful to LDP for opportunity to be helpful to other people sharing kindness of my soul with people who need care. My clients are extremely intelligent people with own life stories and experience. I provide them not only services but atmosphere of love and home peace. I am sure only kindness will save the world”, Rimma, home care worker, IDP from Donetsk region.


Excellent way to spend the weekend with benefit

Общее флеш-мобOn September 26th “Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation in cooperation with GURT Resource Centre participated in Ukrainian flash mob "Inform Your Community".

More than 1500 people from 11 regions of Ukraine collected symbols of their cities at the same time.

Central Park named after Gorkiy – one of the favourite places of Kharkiv citizens was chosen as a venue. The Mirror Stream - the most recognizable city image became a symbol. Image of the famous Kharkiv architectural object has been specially painted by Igor Zabolotniy - art scriber, director and artist of presentations.

Participants, graduates, partners and employees of “Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation took part in this event. Among them were representatives of various social and age groups.

25 children from Bogodukhov orphanage joint to the action and with an incredible pleasure and excitement collecting their part of the picture.

In general more than 70 people participated in the puzzle collection.

It was so exciting and passers-by, who saw what is happening, joined the work. We were surprised when newlyweds wanted to join the action and contribute their share to the Community development. They added a few puzzles in a unified image.

"Thanks to everyone who generates ideas and implements the wonderful activities for children and adults, for the opportunity to feel the unity, for the faith that together we can achieve great things" - a review one of the flash mob participants.

“Global English” language educational institution partners of “Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation presented to children from Bogodukhov orphanage and from ATO zone tickets for attractions. Sweet, delicious snacks and vitamin drinks from “Professional Development of Kharkiv" Foundation added energy for kids’ entertainment.

The Kharkiv action organizers expresses gratitude to all people who have joined this day, and demonstrated a proactive life stance and desire to live in newness of a united country.

Флеш-моб коллаж

Kharkiv is a city in which people build civilized business

ДР ХКПOn September 6th, when all Ukrainian people celebrate entrepreneurs day “Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation congratulated partners Kharkiv Business Club with 9th Anniversary.

Kharkiv Business Club is a business community which was founded for Kharkiv entrepreneurs’ communication and mutual development. Club members have an opportunity to get informational support, share experiences and ideas with each other, find partners and establish relations.

A lot of interesting people were gathered for this event in Education Hub "Spalah". Charismatic speakers shared the secrets of successful business in a pleasant setting.

Balloons, cake and memes created an incredible atmosphere and reminded every minute of a pleasant event, after which all the people were gathered.

“Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation team wishes to Kharkiv Business Club new opportunities for development, the path to which is pleasant and full of success.

Thanks for the support and inspiration!

День Рождения ХКП

If you are here, you change the world for the better

Social Camp 2015This was the motto for the Social Camp Ukraine Conference which was held on 5-6th September in Odessa. “Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation team participated in it.

The theme of the conference was social enterprise, the most essential in our days.

It was two days discussions on social projects, innovative decisions of social problems, communication, education and amazing atmosphere.

Illustrated by living examples one could see how successful projects are created: 25 speeches, 28 speakers, guests from 10 cities of Ukraine and other countries shared their experience.

Among them were young social entrepreneurs who have just started to bring their projects to life, and famous authoritative people such as social activist, TV presenter, the founder of animal therapy charity foundation Margarita Sichkar and director, art scriber, the founder of Presentation Agency “Art Scribe” Igor Zabolotniy.

“Social enterprise is our prospect” – says Alexander Dobroer, one of the founders of Social Camp Ukraine.

13 teams presented new social ideas: youth professional guidance, first aid treatment, educational and ecological initiatives during the conference on the grant contest “Pecha Kucha”. Best of themfunding.

“Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation team is assured that social enterprise can be the next step of organization development and another tool of helping people.

Thanks to organizers and participants for ideas, ability inspiration, for faith in the ability to change the world.

Social Camp 2015

Summarizing "Pack a School Bag for a Child" charity event

Акция Собери портфель ребенкуBefore The Day of Knowledge American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, “Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation, the Jewish Cultural Centre “Beit Dan”, Jewish Youth Cultural Centre “Hillel”, Kharkiv Volunteer Community, graduates of Jewish Young Leadership “Metsuda”, “Soyuz serdets” project and Kharkiv Regional Charitable Jewish Fund “Hesed Shaare Tikva” organized charity event “Pack a School Bag for a Child”.

The main goal of this event was supporting children from low-income families, children deprived of parental care and orphans, residing in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, and children, who moved to Kharkiv from ATO zones.

From August 18th till August 25th clients of the chain of supermarkets “Topolyok” could join the initiative and pass the purchased stationery to volunteers of the organizations-participants. Collected stationery were distributed in gift sets.

Besides graduates and participants of LDP took part in collecting school supplies, which they brought directly to the office.

From the stationery that was collected gift sets were composed which were presented to 30 children-clients of “Family” programme of Charitable Fund “Hesed Shaare Tikva”, to 8 children from ATO zone, to 125 children from Bogodukhov orphanage.

Presenting of school bags was held in informal setting. Children participated in games and competitions solved riddles and puzzles, also children from Bogodukhov orphanage were treated with chocolate muffins.

The pleasant atmosphere charged everyone with energy and optimism for the whole year.

We express gratitude to chain of supermarkets “Topolyok” and dance studio “All Stars” network for the supplied opportunity to settle stationery reseaving centre, to publishing house “Ranok”, “MIZAR+” company, the educational center “Planeta Znaniy”, “itBursa” programming courses, “Global English” English language educational institution for supplied stationery and books.

Personally we want to thank to volunteers and all people who are not indifferent to the problems of others.

Собери портфель ребенку

Workshop Seminar "Post Traumatic Syndrome and Way of Its Overcoming"

Пост-травматический синдромOn June 25-27the LDP staff took part in a workshop seminar “Post Traumatic Syndrome and Ways of Its Overcoming” which took place in Krivoy Rog.

An American psychotherapist Otis Vinston Tailor shared his experience in the methods of adaptation for the people, who had suffered from the ATO zone hostilities using his 30-year experience, gained when working with the American soldiers.

Assistance in recovering their normal life,support for the people who have lost their relatives– this is not the whole list of issues the LDP staff faces every day.

Mr. Tailor’s experience and practical tips will help to provide professional assistance and support in overcoming the barriers preventing from finding employment and living a full life for those whose destiny was divided in the periods before and after the war.

The Krivoy Rog TV channel on this event: Coverage of the "Post Traumatic Syndrome and Ways of Its Overcoming" seminar in Krivoy Rog

Семинар пост-травматич

We build a society of responsible teaching!

EdCampThis was the motto for the first national un-conference for school teachers that was held on June 23-24.

300 participants,42 partners, more than 50 experts from 7 countries, 82 unique educational sessions. These are simply figures, but the real Ed Camp is, first of all, the teachers who care about our children’s future.

The “Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation was a partner of the un-conference. The Foundation employees Marina Ladyzhenskaya and Alyona Yakimova became the experts in career guidance for the school students and young people and assistance in making the right choice of the professional future.

It is a great honour for us to be part of this process, to have a hand in creating a new society, which is already generating changes in education at the level of an individual school, the region and the country on the whole.

We are especially grateful to the inspirers of Ed Camp movement in Ukraine Oleksandr Elkin and Maryna Pashchenko for organizing such an important event!

The best way to succeed in the future is to create it yourself.

EdCamp collage

Opportunity to make a difference

One word can change a decision, one feeling can change a life, one person can change the world.

Украинское сообщество слепых“Professional Development of Kharkiv” Foundation in cooperation with “Development and Unity” Charitable Foundation, Hillel Kharkiv CASE, and Volunteer Community visited the “Ukrainian Community of the Blind”.

Despite their physical disabilities these people go on with their lives, working for the benefit of the society although they need help and care themselves.

We presented 15 food packages, 25 bags of clothes and essentials.

People couldn’t believe in the selflessness of this campaign organizers and showed their appreciation with tears in their eyes.

We thank everyone who finds time and energy to care for the people who are in need.

Since each visit is not just an opportunity to make a difference but also to put a part of your soul in this campaign.

Акция помощь слепым

Who said that disabled people can't find work?

Тренинги для инвалидовLDP hosted a series of trainings “Job Motivation” for disabled people. The main objective is searching new ways for self-fulfillment, creativity and working potential, the way to promote your services and yourself in the labor market.

These trainings were the first stage for adaptation in the field of professional opportunities.

The participants include rather creative people who can think out of the box and come up with unique ideas. With the help of coaches the participants managed to determine their hobbies which might bring them both income and satisfaction.

The training aspect that attracted most attention was a career guidance testaimed to help in choosing the professional sphere for each individual.

In addition to searching for new ways for the professional growth, boosting self-esteem was one of the top-priorities.

The disabled shouldn’t consider themselves victims. It’s crucial to understand that every person has the necessary power to pull himself together, find likeminded people, solve their issues and even start their own business.

The trainings brought a massive wave of positive emotions.

“Many thanks to LDP for useful advice, tips and a fresh look at the usual things” – a feedback from one of the participants.

Job Fair for IDPs

Ярмарка вакансий заглавное

On April 17, LDP staff participated in the Regional Job Fair organised specifically for IDPs from the ATO zone.

Kharkiv region takes the second place by the number of people who moved from the ATO zone. It’s not a secret, that employment is one of the most acute problems for IDPs.

The local labour market, subject to an economic crisis, was not ready to accept so many people who don’t even have their documents.

The Job Fair was initiated by the NGO "Kharkov Auto Maidan" in co-operation with the Regional State Administration, local employment centres,volunteer organizations and LDP.

20 potential employers representing large state enterprises as well as private companies took part in the fair. The event attracted great interest among the visitors;1500 IDPs were registered, the number that exceeded the expected figures by several times.

LDP staff had an opportunity to present a new project aimed at IDP employment.

250 individuals/IDPs received information about the project, were provided with individual consultations on job search and completed application forms for participation in the new project.

The Job Fair brought LDP new potential employerswho are ready to hire IDPs.

Together we can solve the employment problem of IDPs who settled in Kharkov region.

ярмарка вакансий общее

Opening first state information and counselling employment center in Kharkiv

открытие центра

On April 17th the LDP staff participated in the opening ceremony of the first state information and counselling employment centre. The event has become a significant one not only for Kharkiv region but for the whole of Ukraine.

Yaroslav Kashuba, Head of Ukrainian State Employment Service, who took part in the honorary event, thinks that the State Employment Services should be radically changed and transformed into a start-up trampling for job-search and business-development. The official statistics on unemployment in Ukraine shows more than a million people out of work while the database of vacancies is less than 50 thousand. This lack of balance should be compensated due to new methods. The main task of the State Employment Service is not only dealing with people out of work but also providing ways to curb unemployment and prevent it in the future.

Every person who looks for a job can come to the information and counseling centre. The previous work experience, age or sex are irrelevant. Equal opportunities are provided to all the participants either those mobilized to the ATO zone, IDPs or youth.

Currently the collaboration between LDP and the State Employment Service has set an increased level of cooperation due to launching a project aimed at employment of IDPs.

Chag Pesach Sameach!

Открытка на Песах Харьков 2015Wohl Livelihood Development Programme sincerely congratulates you with the holiday of freedom!

April, 4th, we celebrate Passover – holiday, that commemorates the Exodus of Jewish people from Egyptian slavery about 3,300 years ago.

Pesach means triumph of spring, renewal of world and human liberation. This is holiday of gaining Freedom.

This day you can get rid of limiting beliefs.

This day you can be free from the slavery of habits.

This day you can gain the ability to think and act independently.

Passover lasts 8 days. We wish to spend them well, improve yourselves, get rid of bad thoughts and find new powerful force for further achievements!

Don’t be afraid to change something in your life, if your heart and soul are willing it. Otherwise you'll have to live betraying your soul and your heart.

It's never too late to change your life!

LDP visit to IDP's shelter

IDP ankety

On March, 25th LDP team visited the temporary shelter for IDPs- camp “Romashka”, Kharkiv.

This shelter is the first place that has provided accommodation for IDPs since the military conflict in the east of Ukraine has started. It used to be a recreation camp of the Soviet period with no conveniences for long-term living, especially in autumn and winter.

With volunteers’ help summer cottages received heating for staying in cold weather but there were no amenities such as running water, shower or toilet inside.

About 3000 people have found temporary accommodation in “Romashka” since June, 2014 before moving to other places or returning to their native towns after the liberation by the Ukrainian Army (Slaviansk, Severodonetsk etc.). People come and go practically every month or two but 30 families with children from Donetsk and Lugansk regions still live here since June because of the active hostilities. Currently, 320 individuals live in “Romashka”; half of them are children, disabled and retired people. The income of the majority of the families is based on minimum state benefits and non-monetary volunteer help (food, cloths, hygiene items etc.).

LDP team provided free work-shops aimed at active job-searching as IDPs can not find employment without assistance. It can be explained by a difficult psychological state, lack of orientation in the labour market and of the skills required by the employers. Though the Regional Employment Centre provides some vacancies to IDPs, many people are afraid to address a state employment institution due to mobilization to the army; some do not want official employment because dream to return home and need a seasonal job or quick money; some IDPs don’t have the necessary documents for permanent employment or cannot terminate employment relationships at their previous working places.

Unfortunately the target group does not orient in the labour market and job sites; they cannot present themselves to the employer and need to be taught elementary job-searching skills. During the work-shop the participants became more active, learnt how to draw up CVs and browse job web-sites, even received “hot” vacancies and contacts of the potential employment.

Among the shelter residents there are some young people graduated from school in 2014 (some of them even could not pass their final exams, get certificates and enter professional colleges or universities). They are aged from 16 to 17 and required professional assistance not only in finding a job but also career guidance and learning some useful skills for further employment.

Moreover, these vulnerable people need professional physiological counseling to break barriers in employment because they are opposed to changes or even afraid of them after the shock they have suffered. Speaking with IDPs sincerely we discovered their fear of possible negative attitude on behalf of the employers.

The pilot work-shop in IDPs’ shelter “Romashka” gave food not only for thinking but for understanding the need for urgent help in employment for IDPs who are really bad at job-searching, have complex psychological and other barriers, so they need to be integrated in Kharkiv labour market.

IDP shelter

Neo-Etiquette secrets have been revealed to the Education Department

Тренинг по НеоЭтикету для ДО

Did you know that you shouldn’t name a mailbox for business correspondence ‘angel1969@mail.ru’ or that you should answer e-mails during one day? Or that changing your job you need to redirect important correspondence to a new colleague?

Answers to these and other questionsare given by the officials and clerks of the Education Department of Kharkiv Regional State Administration jointly with the educational producers and technological gourmets "P@El" in cooperation with LDP.

During the training the participants were informed about the culture of communication in the field of new technologies, were introduced to a set of common rules for effective dealing with partners and colleagues, in addition,18 practical tips for business correspondence have been worked out.

“In the digital age no one can avoid using modern communication technologies, thus, they must maximize their efficiency. It is very important to increase business etiquette level because it is closely related to the general culture”, said Tatiana Stetsyura, Deputy Head of the Education Department of Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

LDP supports educational programmes of different directions and Neo-Etiquette training from our partners is one of them.

Тренинг для ДО по неоэтикету

Dialogue between Generations

день памяти жертв холокоста 2015

On winter morning January 27 more than hundred people came to Drobytsky Yar where thousands of Kharkov citizens were killed only for being Jewish.

On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day LDP team together with Rabbi of Kharkiv region Moshe Moscovich, Israel Consul Nelly Shulman, Head of Kharkov JDC Mickey Katsif, local governmental representatives, students and all the people who were not indifferent to the issue paid tribute to the innocent victims of Nazi regime.

The more time passes since the war time the fewer people who suffered from violence of that period remain alive.

The younger generation should remember it. Especially now.

Photo by Artem Sagaidachnyi

день памяти жертв Холокоста 2015

“Shape New Year Magic”


Following a good tradition, during winter holidays LDP visited children in Bogodukhov orphanage.Together with our partners – management consulting company “Sofia” and graduates of the leadership programme “Metsuda”– we surprised the children with presents, read a fairytale “Blue Bird” with them and watched the “Christmas Present” performance. It was a truly magical day.

Also, this year LDP joined the international initiative “Shape New Year Magic” which aims to familiarize children with the culture of others countries. Every city that joined the initiative, receives presents from one city and send them to another. And thus we create a circle of presents.

Jointly with Global Shapers Community Kharkov Hub we sent presents to 30 children from an orphanage in Almaty telling them about Kharkiv city and its culture.

We are looking forward to presents from Kazan.


Career Guidance Сamp "Be Profi"

/Files/photogallery/1345/vZRgX2TWEYE.jpgOn January 8-10 the first non-profit career guidance camp Be Profi opened for Kharkiv school students.The project was supported by the Department of Education of Kharkiv City Council.

The aim of the project was to develop students’ self-perception and their vision of the professional world, to help students to choose their future profession and provide for their personal development.

The initiative of Be Profi project belongs to 3 organizations: Global Shapers Community, Wohl Livelihood Development Programme and creative union P@El. The key partners of the project are the consulting company NOVA PERSONA which provided trainings for the participants together with the psychological support. Project managerMaryna Sheremet, member of Global Shapers Community Kharkiv Hub.

The Project participants included 25 students aged 14-16: active volunteers, leaders of students governments, heads of school social initiatives.

During the 3 days of the camp the participants passed career guidance quizzes, attended trainings, lectures, workshops on how to determine personal strengths and weaknesses, how to set goals and tasks and develop skills.

The presentations of the project guests were no less important: business game from Kseniya Shokalo, head of international youth organization AIESEC; lecture on international scholarship programmes from Nataliya Vinogradskaya and Nataliya Royenko, organizers of The International Student Course; labour market overview by Maryna Ladyzhenskaya, employment officer of Wohl Livelihood Programme.

The project was supported by 9 partner companies, which provided an opportunity for the participants to plunge into adulthood, into the real work environment for a few hours. The participants had a unique opportunity to observe the experts work with what they have to face in everyday practice, manage to grow professionally and keep up with new trends and market demands.

On the final day of the camp on January 10 a closing ceremony was held to present partners and participants with certificates. The project partners awarded branded prizes and certificates to the participants, and the Wohl Livelihood Development Programme provided school students with invitations for workshop "Journalism: Art and Craft."

Given the interest of the participants to the project, continuation of the project will be no less bright. The participants have a workshop from Anna Prokaeva, author and leader of Ukrainian TV project "Ideas Factory” ahead. After the workshop the participants will work on the database of video interviews on professions.

The project partners: Media Center "Vremya", complex "AVEC", volunteer organization "Union of Hearts" creative space Spalah, language school “Global English”, studio of children's TV and animation "Your TV 12+", specialized network of gadgets and accessories selling points "Citrus", wedding agency "Wedding Svadebnaya Imperiya", techno-laboratory KHacker Space, dance school Kharkov All Stars, system of school management School Champion, sandwich bars chain «FreshLine».

Technical support was ensured by Kharkiv youth magazine Palindrome, head of student television KNURE Vladymir Koshevoy and video operator Marina Organova.


Charity Action “Beauty Magic”

On New Year’s eve LDP graduates with hairdresser skills organized charity action for IDPs, who now live in Chuguyiv temporary camp.

“Good things are free of charge. Only gratitude and joy of those we have helped are sufficient” (Ruslan Kravets, event organizer).

The graduates team made haircuts and hairstyles for IDPs, shared Christmas mood and created a constructive atmosphere with the help of their own energy.

“We can make good things in our life so rarely and it is very sad to miss at least one opportunity by your own will” (Daryi, philosopher)

We express our gratitude to: Ruslan Kravets, event organizer, Juliya Boiko, Marina Dmitrienko and Anna Kobets.


Usual Miracle

“Save a life, save the whole world” (Talmud)/Files/photogallery/1345/1.jpg

While the whole world was celebrating Hanukkah, LDP team decided to provide necessary help to a tiny family consisting of a young mother and her 5- month old daughter, who tragically lost their sole breadwinner.

Together with LDP graduates we were able to collect baby clothes, toys, diapers and furniture for the kid’s room.

We are especially gratefulto Olga Volchenko, Viktoria Kobeleva, Julia Abhanova and others who supported our initiative and helped this family.

Hanukkah is an unusual and wonderful time. Unfortunately, we do not notice miracles in our everyday life. LDP volunteer actions became a small miracle for this family that brought such important things and hope for a better future to their home.


/Files/photogallery/1345/День анти-стресс 1.JPG On November 23rd “Anti-Stress Day” was held in Kharkov for 10 families, including Hesed clients, IDPs from ATO.

The event was organized by the leader project “Metsuda” together with LDP graduates, in partnership with NGO “Professional development of Kharkiv” Foudation.

10 mothers with children, aged 7 to 11, had a rest, relaxed and at least spent time on themselves to get free manicure, professional make-up, cosmetic procedures and hairdressing. LDP graduates, who have completed the vocational training in the beauty area, did their best to help IDPs to forget about routine problems.

At the same time the children were involved into an interactive quest based on popular Harry Potter books that was implemented by the leadership project "Metsuda" graduates. Every child got a small gift at the end of activity aimed at cheering them up.

The anti-stress day was finished with a friendly tea-drinking. Not only the participants but also the organizers felt satisfaction at the end of this charity event.

We express gratitude to: Olga Zhilyakova, Marina Tkachenko, Victoria Grigorova, Olesya Grin'ko, Olesya Demuz, Ruslan Kravets, Tatiana Kornienko, Tatiana Mukhina, Svetlana Strukova, Violetta Koshina, Vladimir Yakimov, Pavel Kruglyi, Alexander Haiduk, Artyom Gordadze, Julia Apalkova, Tatiana Akkerman, Yana Matiushenko, Artem Sagaidachnyi.

/Files/photogallery/1345/День анти-стресс 2.jpg

"Benefits of European integration for local business community"

/Files/photogallery/1345/Евроинтеграция 2.jpgOn November 14th apractical seminar "Benefits of European Integration for the Local Business Community" by NGO "Crimean republican center of intellectual development" jointly with the British Embassy in Ukraine took place in Kharkov.

Kharkov LDP was a regional partner of the event.

/Files/photogallery/1345/Евроинтеграция 1.JPG

The seminar focused on the support of small and medium businesses, in entering EU market under the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU.

The lecturers were Viktor Mazyarchuk and Kirill Klimenko, known experts in the practical aspects of integration of Ukrainian business to the European business space.

The guests included local business representatives, students and teachers, Kharkov public organizations representatives, Chamber of Commerce and regional journalists.

IT HR Forum: IT Recruitment & Management 3.0

/Files/images/2013_harkov_gruppa_1/QaAd1MPksf8.jpgOn September 27 the first Ukrainian IT HR Forum: IT Recruitment & Management 3.0 took place in Kharkiv. Kharkiv LDP was a strategic partner of the event.

IT HR Forum in Kharkiv brought together over 200 participants from all over the country. The event was attended by business owners, professionals, experts, business coaches, consultants and media. The forum was organized byYuppie Group Int. – The international community of professionals and career platform, HR Club "HR Сoffee & Talks". The organizational partner of the Forum was the job portal rabota.kharkov.ua. The creative partner of the event is represented by creative agency "Dva Tovarischa."



"Time-in-high" or "How to Stop Postponing Life "

/Files/images/2013_harkov_gruppa_1/GY.jpgOn September 16th, a regular meeting of Kharkiv HR-Club by Nova Persona took place.

Kharkiv LDP team was lucky to be a partner of the event.

The first part of this session was attended by the education producers and technological gourmets Oleksandr Elkin and and Marina Pashchenko, who presented their book on NeoEtiquette. Alexander and Marina gave useful tips on how to be in harmony with the virtual world.

A guest and speaker of the event was the entrepreneur and business coach Vache Davtyan with the topic "Time-in-high" or "How to Stop Postponing Life” who conducted a dynamic workshop, where he gave a lot of useful tips: how to cope with life chaos and find time for the most important things, be multi-tasking and efficient.

Kharkiv LDP team expresses gratitude to its partners and the speaker for a high-quality workshop.

/Files/images/2013_harkov_gruppa_1/school bag.jpg

Kharkiv LDP joined “Pack a School Bag for a Child!” action

Before The Day of Knowledge Kharkiv LDP joined “Pack a School Bag for a Child!” conducted in cooperation with The Jewish Cultural Centre “Beit Dan”, Wohl Livelihood Development Programme, Kharkiv public organization Jewish Youth Cultural Centre “Hillel”, publishing house “Ranok”, publishing house “Shcola” and chain of supermarkets “Topolyok”.

The action aimed to support children from low-income families, children deprived of parental care and orphans, residing in Kharkov and Kharkov district, and children, who moved to Kharkov from zones of counter-terroristic operation.

From August 25th to August 31st 2014 clients of the chain of supermarkets “Topolyok” could join the initiative and pass the purchased stationery to volunteers of the organizations-participants. Collected stationery were distributed in gift sets.

On The Day of Knowledge the presents were delivered to:

· 20children– participants of “Family” programme of the charity fund “Hesed Shaare Tikva”,

· 125 wards of Bogodukhov orphanage

· 24 children- Kharkiv City Charitable Trust Fund "Blago",

· 11 children, who moved to Kharkov from zones of counter-terroristic operation.

Kharkov LDP express gratitude to partners and volunteers, who participated in the initiative.


On August 28th Kharkov LDP team organized workshop on employment for IDPs. The workshop was conducted by Anton Kozakov, deputy director of SOFIA managerial consulting company.

Within the workshop 10 IDPs were provided with consultations on Kharkov labour market realities,conducted vacancies overview, received useful contacts and recommendations.

Kharkov LDP team express gratitude to Anton Kozakov and SOFIA company team for professionalism and support, and hope for further successful cooperation.


"How to launch a project and create a dream team?"

On August 13th , a regular open meeting of Kharkov Club of Entrepreneurs was conducted in partnership with Kharkov LDP.

At this time, participants and guests of the club - business owners, start-upers and HR-managers of businesses in Kharkiv - came to share their experience in launching new projects and creating a successful professional team.

What to expect when starting a new project? How to choose the right niche, taking into account the current situation in the market? How to properly and thoroughly identify your target audience? Where to find employees?

These and other questions were discussed with the guest speaker of the meeting –Ivan Fedorenko, who conducted a dynamic workshop and told about his experience in entrepreneurship.

At the end of the meeting a speed dating session was held to enable participants to get to know each other better, establish business contacts and discuss new ideas.

Kharkov LDP team expresses gratitude to Kharkov Club of Entrepreneurs and Ivan Fedorenko for cooperation.


/Files/images/2013_harkov_gruppa_1/hhh.jpg Wohl Livelihood Development Programme together with Kharkov Global Shapers Community participated in “Plant a Tree in Central Park” Initiative

On June 7th celebrating Kharkov LDP 1st anniversary we planted an almond-tree symbolizing good spirits and new life. This event was joined by our partners Nova Persona Consulting Company and over 30 people - LDP graduates with their children.

A week after, on June 15th, in the framework of this initiative 38 enthusiastic faces from Bogodukhov orphanage spent time on roller coaster in Central Park.

After park entertainments children had tasty dinner and nice photo session with friends. The children were attended by representatives of LDP staff and Kharkov Global Shapers community. They received small presents - printed photos from previous visits of LDP to Bogodukhov orphanage.

We express gratitude to our partners Global Shapers Community Kharkov Hub, Nova Persona Consulting Company, Sofia Training & Recruiting Company and Fresh Line sandwich bar chain and LDP graduates for their help and participation in the events.

See details on the initiative on Central Park website.



Kharkov LDP staff Co-organizes The Victory Day celebration

On the eve of May 9th Kharkov LDP staff volunteered as co-organizers of The Victory Day celebration, dedicated to victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The annual action is traditionally conducted by Hesed and Jewish Community Centre, with the support of Kharkov City Council. This year the gala concert was held on May 7th in the premises of Jewish Community Centre.

The concert was attended by about 300 people, 200 of them being Hesed clients. Among participants there were also cultural societies of Kharkov and veterans of these societies.

As part of the concert the audience saw bands and singers of Jewish Community Centre, performers from among Hesed volunteers, performances by national societies groups, thematic exhibition.

For 50 veterans who couldn’t come to the gala concert (low-mobile and isolated people) Hesed organized home visits with tasty presents.

The campaign was also supported by NGO "National Memory - Holocaust" and NGO "Kharkov Union of Activists".

It was a pleasure for Kharkov LDP staff to assist in organizing the event and celebrating veterans of Great Patriotic War. This help became possible thanks to our partners - Dmitriy Shvetsov and Dmitriy Sverbilov – and LDP graduates - ValerIiy Gluschenko, Vitaliy Malyshev and Nikita Demidov.


Сareer Guidance for School Children

We often wonder if we made the right professional choice. How many of us continue working in our specialty after receiving education? And how do teenagers decide on their future profession–following parents’or teachers’s recommendation, following their friends, or "fashion" for certain professions?

On February 9 this vital topic was discussed at workshop, organized by Kharkov LDP team with the support of Nova Persona training & consulting company and "Jewish Youth Association." An invited guest at the training was Vadim Bortnyk, the owner of sandwich bars chain «FreshLine» who elaborated on employers’ expectations and provided tips for interviews.

We are grateful to our partners- Jewish Youth Association, New Persona training & consulting company, Sandwich bars chain «FreshLine» and personally to Vadim Bortniki –for usefu ltraining and contribution to development of the next generation of professionals.


LDP staff in Kharkov visited training by Vladimir Yakuba in Recruiting HR Club at Sofiya Recruiting & Consulting center

/Files/images/DSC_0218.JPGOn December, 22 Kharkov LDP team were co-organizers of headhunting workshop by Vladimir Yakuba in HR Club by Sofiya Recruiting & Consulting center.

Vladimir Yakuba is an experienced headhunter, entrepreneur and reality-speaker, has 3 diplomas in economics and Arts, MBA coach, one of the best Russian headhunters: TOP 7 and TOP 4 (Recruiting Magazine, The Profile, 2012).

On the training Vladimir raised the question of recruiting and conducted a workshop to demonstrate recruiting through social networks. Participants also analyzed existing types of interview, rules of successful self-employment and career building secrets.

The training gathered more than 20 participants - HR managers & recruiters in different professional fields. Each participant left with a souvenir - extra-useful workbook with tips from the coach.

HR Club by Nova Persona Consulting Company

/Files/images/2013_harkov_gruppa_1/1450774_446199978825011_474621920_n.jpgOn November,27 LDP team co-organized HR Club by Nova Persona company, which gathered over 20 HR managers - both experienced specialists and those who only start working in the field. The event was conducted in LDP office.

The speaker of the event was Natalya Kachanova, who recently organized and conducted "Woman in Business" conference.

LDP staff is greatful to the HR Club organization committee for partnership.

Good Luck to Future Administrators

Our participants sent to vocational training in the field of business administration finished their study in Sofiya Consulting & Recruiting center this November.

We wish them to find favourite job and build great careers!


Best Wishes to MultiKultiUA!

/Files/images/2013_harkov_gruppa_1/zWf1li_JtOA.jpgOn October,24 Kharkov LDP staff visited MultiKultiUA birthday party.

We would like to pass on our warmest wishes to MultiKultiUA and wish them success in work. We want to express our special gratitude to Sergey Savitskiy for effective and successful partnersip.

Pack a Schoolbag for a Child

/Files/images/Дети с подарочными наборами. Караван.jpg In August Livelihood Development Programme in Kharkov initiated "Pack a Schoolbag for a Child" action.

The action aimed at supporting children from low-income families and orphans from Kharkov and Kharkovskiy region.

On August 15th - 31st clients of shopping-mall Caravan and stationary chain supermarkets Topolyok could participate in collecting school stationary for children within "Pack a Schoolbag for a Child" action.

The buyers, who wanted to participate in the action, could leave the stationary in LDP office or in a special cart at the supermarkets. The collected stationary was divided into sets (presents).

On the Day of the City, the 23rd of August, there was a concert organized for 20 kids (Hesed Family Center members and children from large families of AMMA association). The children visited Aquarium and Playland, watched performance and even dined in Italian restaurant. In the end of the day the children visited the concert, where they were presented with schoolbags, books and stationary, collected during "Pack a Schoolbag for a Child" action.

On the 2nd of September Programme Director of Livelihood Development Programme and Director of Jewish Youth Association visited Bogoduhov orphanage for children with retarded mental and physical development and presented children with school stationary, books and schoolbags.

The action was conducted in partnership with: shopping-mall Caravan,chain supermarkets of stationary Topolyok, Jewish Cultural Center Bait Dan, Jewish Students Cultural Center Hillel, American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, international youth organization AIESEC, publishing houses: Ranok, Osnova, Sсhool, Golden Pages and chain of fitness clubs Fitcurves.

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